Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AFW sight seeing

So in between the hype and madness involving producing breath taking shows, I did manage to catch a few shows my self :) 
Of which a highlight was the Thula Sindi show. 
"Glitter-glitter-butternut-go" was a phrase shouted by a model rushing to makeup for Thula Sindi after a previous show, and that it was! Personally I loved the show and all its glitter. Most of all, I love that it came from a SA designer. You had to be there to experience the lighting which literally took to the glitter, lace and the gold, the sequins and the netting, the animal print and the 50's shapes. Marched in by breath taking African models, to live sound, donning sleek hair, bejeweled vertical buns, spun in navy thread. It really was a beautiful sight.
Thula Sindi Thula SindiThula Sindi
Thula SindiThula SindiThula Sindi
Thula SindiThula SindiThula Sindi
Thula Sindi

images sourced from: http://www.afiphotos.com/1110AFW/

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  1. Love the dresses. So elegant,chic...simply subliminal!! :)